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Beadwork - August 27
Make your own moccasins - October 1-2

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July 30, August 20 & October 29, 2-4pm
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August 19 – September 11

Karen Goetzinger, collage
Wendy Feldberg, collage

Textile and paper installations to stimulate reflection on edges—transitional spaces amidst natural elements marked by human habitation.

August 19 – September 11

Textile installation
Julianna Joos, textile art

In collaboration with La Triennale Internationale des Arts Textiles en Outaouais 2016

In this installation of Jacquard weavings, visitors are invited to stroll through a labyrinth of over-sized bats, slowly pivoting in a random rhythm.



The Impact of the Native Art of Beading
Date: July 30, 2 - 4 pm.

Barbara Dumont-Hill, an Algonquin Drum Keeper from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, will provide an overview in words and pictures of the Walking With Our Sisters
(WWOS) art installation and memorial. Nearly 1,800 pairs
of beaded moccasin vamps were donated to WWOS to represent each of the Indigenous women missing or murdered in Canada over the past several decades. Using her Algonquin traditions and spirituality, Barbara will speak of her personal connection to the memorial, tell stories of the things she witnessed, the people she spoke with, and how WWOS enhanced her spirit, gave her strength, and forever changed her.

This presentation will be followed by a course on the Art of native beading.

Walking the Woven Labyrinth
Date: August 20, 2 - 4 pm.

Julianna Joos will present her works and explain the Jacquard process; she will explain the origins of the project and how a surprise encounter became the trigger for a reflection on art and ecology. Also, in cooperation with la Triennale internationale des arts textiles en Outaouais 2016, we will show some very inspiring short films on textile art.

The World War II Watercolours of
Gilbert Bretzloff: 1940-1945

Date: October 29, 2 - 4 pm

Carol Bretzloff-Holmeswill speak about her father,
Gilbert Bretzloff, soldier and unofficial World War II
artist, who served with the 2nd Canadian Infantry
Division, from 1940-1945. During the liberation of
Europe, Gilbert Bretzloff moved with the Allied Front
through Normandy, Belgium, Holland, and into
Germany, making military maps for the soldiers
fighting the battles. During the last year of the war,
he created over 100 sketches and watercolors 'on the
spot', often under dangerous conditions. His work
records important battles, where Canadians played
a decisive role in the outcome of the war – at Caen,
Falaise, the Scheldt and in the Reichwald.


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