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Linda Bergeron Baril
Date: October 24th to November 28th 2016
Café 349, 349 Main St., Shawville, QC

WWII Watercolours of Gilbert Bretzloff
Carol Bretzloff-Holmes will speak about her father,
Gilbert Bretzloff, soldier & unofficial WWII artist, who served in the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division.

2017 Call for Exhibition Proposals
The PAA is looking for artists and craftspeople to exhibit at the Stone School Gallery in in 2017. Submit a proposal by November 15, 2016.


The World War II Watercolours of
Gilbert Bretzloff: 1940-1945

Date: October 29, 2 - 4 pm

Carol Bretzloff-Holmes will speak about her father, Gilbert Bretzloff, soldier and unofficial World War II
artist, who served with the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, from 1940-1945. During the liberation of Europe, Gilbert Bretzloff moved with the Allied Front through Normandy, Belgium, Holland, and into Germany, making military maps for the soldiers
fighting the battles. During the last year of the war,
he created over 100 sketches and watercolors 'on the
spot', often under dangerous conditions. His work
records important battles, where Canadians played
a decisive role in the outcome of the war – at Caen,
Falaise, the Scheldt and in the Reichwald.


Focus Pontiac
La Fab in Chelsea from 3 to 27 November

Vernissage 5 November from 5-8pm

La Fab, 212 Chemin Old Chelsea,
Chelsea, QC J9B 1J3

Jeanne McTiernan, Fred Ryan, Dale Shutt, Cheryl Dolan, Claudette Spence, Cindy Lottes, Carol Bretzloff, Valerie Bridgeman, Kate Aley

An exhibition of juried works by members of the PAA. Opening at the Stone School Gallery, the exhibition will travel to other galleries in the Outaouais during 2016/17.



24th October to 28th November

Café 349, 349 Main St., Shawville, QC

An Exploration of Joy and Creativity through the wonders of Youth!!

Over the years I have painted what children do best. They inspire us, and live in the moment with their passion and enthusiasm. First as a mother of two boys, and now a grandmother of two (soon to be three) amazing children, my inspiration has always come from a place of love, close to my heart. They inspire me daily, with joy, wonder, love and enthusiasm for whatever is possible.

My painting style has noticeably evolved over the years, but the one constant is that I continue to create with the same passion, joy and tenderness that I began this journey with. Recently I have discovered a fun Acrylic medium and gels technique which bring out the spontaneity and whimsical creativity that children unlock in me. I smile during the entirety of the creation of these pieces, all being very bright and happy in nature, which I am very proud to present to you during this exhibition. They are signed “Lilou”.

Thank you Ruth for encouraging us Artists, and the PAA for making this show a possibility.



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