artPontiac :: Make/live/see art

May 20 and May 27, 2017
Exploring Watercolour 1

Linda Girard


Registration fee: $140
Materials fee: $25

Age: 16+ | 9 am - 4 pm
Beginner Bilingual

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A Beginners Basic Step-by-step Course Using a variety of brush and colour techniques, learn how to paint small watercolours like a pro! You’ll learn how to easily make bright personal art works and have a portable painting set up to make watercolour sketches on your own anywhere.

Learn a multitude of techniques while creating small unique watercolour sketches. In this primarily landscape course, you will learn how to apply large washes using special tools to create unique spatial effects that will be backdrop for a wide variety of elements. Learn how to build a palette and discover translucent and opaque colours to build colourful images. ‘I would encourage students to take first the basic, then move to the intermediate and advanced level.’

Materials fee: $25 to be paid to the instructor includes 3 brushes, small round palette, 140 lb cold pressed paper
Also provided: plywood stretcher boards, tape, Kleenex, paper towels, sponges, hair dryer