artPontiac :: Make/live/see art

June 26 to June 30
Exploring Printmaking

Robert Hinchley

Registration fee: $350
Materials fee:$35.00-40.00

Age: 16+ | 9 am - 4 pm
All levels

Register by mail

This course will explore printmaking methods that include non toxic etching, drypoint, monoprints, colour ink and chine collé. Etching methods will include line etching, etched textures and aquatints. Emphasis will be on prints that function as unique images. The Stone School printing press will be used.

Maximum students: 6
Materials fee: $35.00-$40.00

Most Printmaking tools will be supplied by the instructor (if you have any brayers/rollers, metal scriber, please bring them along).

Materials fee to be paid to instructor:
Aluminum Etching Plates Sintra plates Tarleton Blotter-newsprint, registration sheet Non-Toxic Etching materials (copper sulfate, salt, 2x spray paint, pledge, sos pads, foam brushes, ammonia,) Alcohol Inks are supplied

Materials list- for students to bring
Rubber gloves, paper towels, wax paper roll.
Printmaking paper:

  •  7 to 10 sheets (22x30”) 250grm apprx- Suggested brands -BFK Rieves, Stonehenge, Sommerset, Arches Cover
  • Thin coloured and found papers for chine collé
  • 3 x Masa or other quality Japanese Paper.

Various paint brushes
Sketchbook – 11”x14” 90LB proofing paper (the kind you can tear the paper out)
Acrylic Gel medium
Marker and Pencil
Various Paint brushes
Carving Tools-Japanese Detail Carvers Set- 44D10.05, Or Japanese Carvers Set- 58D00.0 (From Lee Valley Tools)
Metal scriber or etching needle
Materials are available at Wallacks, Deserres, Above Ground and Curry’s Art supplies.