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July 10-11
Floor Cloths: Art You Can
Walk On!

Tina Michaud

Registration fee: $140
Materials fee: $25

Age: 16+ | 9 am - 4 pm
All levels

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When creating floor cloths Tina helps people tap into their creativity while discovering their soul’s expression using a “no-rules” approach. You can then take it home and walk all over it!

Floor cloths are ancient floor coverings that began in the 1400’s in France. They are also known as ‘Oil Cloths’ and ‘Crumb Cloths’ made from 100% cotton canvas and are suitable for any hard covered floor. The canvas is primed, sized and hemmed for durability. The design and colour are laid out according to the budding artist’s desire and are applied to the canvas. The use of free-hand, stencils, stamping, geometrics and more are used to create the preferred pattern. The student will be guided through the process and several sealant coats will be applied permitting the floor cloth to grace the floor on returning home from the course. This process can be applied to other projects as well.

Materials fee: $25 to be paid to the instructor