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July 24

Beverly Anger

Registration fee: $70
Materials fee: $15

Age: 16+ | 9 am - 4 pm All levels
Language of instruction: English

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There are a number of beading styles. Learn appliqué beadwork, beading on leather or loomed beadwork. The choice is yours! In this workshop participants will learn the basics of appliqué beading. We will use a 5 petal flower design to create a beaded flower pin.

This beginner’s workshop will provide the participant with the knowledge required to complete basic appliqué beadwork. They will be learning the back-stitch technique to sew beads to a stiff substrate. They will be provided with information regarding bead types and sizes, beading thread, needles and other optional supplies required to complete beautiful beaded creations.

Experience: If the class already has basic skills, more complex book forms will be taught.

Maximum participants: 12 students
Materials fee: $15 to be paid to the instructor