artPontiac :: Make/live/see art

August 14-15
Easy Mosaics

Mary Ann Horner

Registration fee: $140
Materials fee: $35.00

Age: 16+ | 9 am - 4 pm
All levels

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This course is suitable for beginners or those interested in creating their own work of art using broken or cracked plates. The first day we will break the plates with a hammer into suitable sized pieces, sand the rough edges and strategically place and glue them to the work surface which will become the framed artwork. On day two we will learn how to mix grout and apply to the work surface.

Materials fee: $35.00 to be paid to instructor Frame for hanging, glue, sanding block, grout, sponges, spatula, assortment of plates

Participants are encouraged to bring their own plates if they want their piece to have a personal sentimental value.

P.O. Box 123, 90 Calumet Road, Portage du Fort, QC J0X 2T0
819 647 2259 mobile 819 923 5858

My first mosaic project was created due to clumsiness on my part while I was dusting at my late Mom’s house. I accidentally knocked a pretty biscuit jar to the floor. While picking up the many shattered pieces I decided to give it a new life as a table top. Without knowing what I was doing I created a beautiful little mosaic accent table that now graces my bedroom. Since that time about 10 years ago I have created many mosaics using materials such as mirrors from empty compacts, miscellaneous beads and trinkets and of course cracked and broken plates, saucers, platters and biscuit jars. These “found” materials are inexpensive and many have sentimental value.

I have participated in open air art shows in Portage du Fort and I have sold my pieces at local craft venues and in retail stores. The techniques that I use are self-taught and simple but result in some M A Zing works of art.

I have never given instruction to a group of people before but I feel confident that I would enjoy the experience and would be happy to entice people to explore their artistic impulses.

I look forward to introducing people to my craft and encouraging them to explore their artistic impulses.