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Studio 8: Linda G. Godin

Wood Sculpture

The creative process is first and foremost an individual path. A demanding master that pushes artists to continuously redefine themselves whatever the medium. Art is a fierce world- demanding, ruthless at times but oh how indulgent and comforting and SO, SO human also. And I believe it is that humanity in the creative process that has stirred me since the very beginning.

I cannot recall a time when art was not part of my life. I still remember, at a very young age, leveling out a patch of sand in order to draw animals or buildings with a broken twig lying about. Even then (although I did not view it as such) art was for me an oasis of peace, a form of escape from daily chores that were often beyond our capabilities. When you are born and raised on a farm, work is never ending with leisure time limited solely to imagination and creativity, two ingredients that were not lacking in my family.

When I left home to pursue my studies and find a profession, my artistic “penchant” followed me throughout my career. It has been at times my saviour, my outlet, my pride, even my job and finally my passion.

I have experimented with and taught many different art forms: drawing, painting, metal embossing, pottery and sculpture. Also knitting, macramé and sewing. But of all these mediums, my greatest passion is woodworking. It may be a way to hang on to my roots: the earth, the forest, NATURE in general which is my greatest source of inspiration.

Since my retirement from teaching, I have come back home to my native Island. I have built a beautiful workshop that greets me warmly every morning like a good mug of coffee. When I’m there, oh how time flies: I daydream, make plans, sculpt and somehow all worries and aches and even solitude seems to disappear. I even convince myself that maybe what I do create is beautiful, useful and inspiring. Could that be what ART is all about?

For the past two years I have been a member of the Pontiac Artist Association. I gave wood sculpting classes, participated in a “vernissage” and different Arts and Craft expositions in the Outaouais region which I find very rewarding. However, I still derive my greatest pleasure from working in my workshop for hours on end. Just me, a good mug of coffee and a few pieces of wood just waiting to be transformed…

Contact information:

Studio location:
220 ch. des Outaouais,
Qué. J0X 1J0

Phone: 819-648-2026

GPS coordinates (WGS84 datum):
45.7274°  -76.6113°