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Studio 1: Shannon Purcell

Acrylic, watercolour

There is never a shortage of emotions to paint.  My art is a representation of my strong emotions I feel when confronted by joyful or sometimes tragic events in peoples lives. Eyes are the windows to peoples souls. My passion to paint encourages me to explore deep within myself.

My artist ability surfaced at an early age. My refuge, as a young child, would be to paint and draw for hours in a secluded area underneath the stairs. It followed into high school and flourished under the teachings of Carol Bretzloff.

Being a mainly self-taught artist, I consider each day a new learning experience.  I believe art should provoke an emotion and that emotion doesn’t necessarily have to be happiness.  I enjoy painting peoples life stories that are shown in their faces. Every life has a story to tell. Sometimes painting such strong emotions can be overwhelming and I overcome this by painting bright, whimsical paintings. My medium of choice is acrylic and watercolour.

I am a member of the Pontiac Artists’ Association. (PAA)

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1083 Clarendon Street, Quyon, Quebec J0X 2V0

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