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Studio 2: Cheryl Dolan

Acrylic, watercolour,

Art is a silent language.  It gives us joy, elevates our spirit, moves and inspires us. Art brings beautiful emotions into our lives. It allows us to feel, think, remember, question and enriches our lives beyond the necessities.

For me a successful painting is one that "reads" from across the room and then pulls you to it.  It should hold your interest at a distance and more intimately up close. 

Art is my passion.  It makes my heart sing.  Textured surfaces and a variety of media intrigue me.  I let the creative process take me where it will.  I am not interested in painting in a detailed or realistic manner, but am motivated to find the essence of my subjects through spontaneity and gesture.  I feel my experimentation with mixed media and different painting styles contributes to my enthusiasm and never-ending discovery of inspiration.  My art is about the expression of my passion for color and texture. My inspiration comes from the elements present in nature, my rural upbringing in the Pontiac and the beauty given to us by the master Creator.  If, by viewing my art, I have put a smile on your face, brought you some joy, then I have succeeded.

My art has been exhibited throughout the Ottawa Valley, in both Ontario and Quebec and at Citizenship and Immigration Library, NHQ, Ottawa.  My paintings are in private collections in Canada and England. 

I look forward to welcoming guests to my home studio.

As Days Go By


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902 Clarendon Street
Quyon, Quebec J0X 2V0

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Phone: (819) 458-3315

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