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Studio 10: Hyesuk Kim

Traditional Korean paper craft, textile art

Hyesuk Kim is originally from Ulsan South Korea, a large coastal town on the southern east side of the Korean peninsula. She resides in Campbell’s Bay since 2010 with her husband, ceramic artist and cabinet maker Clement Hoeck. Hyesuk completed a bachelor of textile design at Ulsan University were she also delved heart and soul into (Hanji) craft.
Hanji is traditional Korean paper craft were colorful mulberry paper is cut and stenciled to cover small furniture made of paper hardboard that she also makes. The delicate and intricate designs of Hyesuk Kim are inspired by her North East Asian culture. Scenes of fish, deer, lotus flowers and natural elements are blended into colorful patterns and applied to the hardboard furniture, trays and boxes. The pieces are fully functional and meant to be used and admired.  

Her textile art is also just as colorful and vibrant. Korean traditional patch working (Pojagi) is reminiscent of stained glass and meant to filter light and inspire a sense of peace and calm. Its origins come from a waste not want not ideal, necessary in times of hardship. The patchworks can be hung on a wall, used as table runners, hung in a window or used to wrap a gift of porcelain or a valuable which was the original purpose of Pojagi. The delicate stitchings are done by hand and sometimes hundreds of pieces make up the entirety of the patchwork. The administrative patience of her art is evident in all the works, each piece is a labor of love. The mastery of her weaving is also impressive in the size and scope of her work sometimes taking several months to a year to complete a single piece.

Contact information:

Studio location:
15 John Street
Campbell’s Bay, Québec, J0X 1K0
Phone: (819) 648-2050

GPS coordinates (WGS84 datum):
45.7340°  -76.5998°


Hanji box